The New Age of Journalism

24 Aug

Emily Nussbaum makes a good point in her article “The New Journalism: Goosing The Gray Lady.” She describes how news is becoming an online, personalized, instantaneous source of information. The New York Times was on the verge of collapse, but was saved by hiring a team to update and innovate their website. The points the article makes are exactly right. In the time since it was published in January, 2009, online media has been exploding. It is a new kind of journalism.

We can now visit a newspaper’s website, and see constant streams of new information, and watch video. This is a revolutionary change since the days when physical newspapers dominated. In those days, an update would take until the next day’s paper, at the fastest.

Online journalism has other advantages, as well. News can be targeted to individuals, which is a great thing. You can get the news you want without wasting time searching through stories you have no interest in. As great as all of this is, there are even better innovations on the way. We will be seeing things that, at one time, only existed in fiction. Everything will become faster, better, and more personalized. The computer nerds, who were once shunned by mainstream society, are now vital to society’s daily operation. This is an amazing time that we live in. The new age of journalism isn’t dawning, it’s already here.


2 Responses to “The New Age of Journalism”

  1. paganspathway August 24, 2012 at 2:42 pm #

    You are completely correct. These innovations are amazing and they really do allow people to “Get what they want.” You can read my blog post to read about that.

    Something that I noticed neither of us touched on, was the negative aspects of this innovation. In essence we are teaching people how to be lazy. As journalist, innovation has made us work harder to help people become complacent. Short news stories found on Twitter and other social networking sites is the most many people in the U.S. see. I think that the newspaper forced people to be patient and engaged in reading. I suspect a decline in literacy due to these innovations. If there isn’t a picture or video, people just don’t have interest.

    This may be a problem later on in life, but until then, let’s enjoy it.

  2. mdm1187 August 27, 2012 at 1:13 am #

    And we are the generation that has evolved with all the changes. We remember the days of waiting for the newspaper to arrive on our doorsteps, but we have evolved to reading a lot of our news online or on our phones. And true, we don’t have to search a newspaper to find the stories we want to read. We have the ability to have those stories sent to us through e-mail, text messages, etc. However, I feel there is a downside to us getting everything on demand. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great being able to hear about a news story and immediately be able to look up information about it. At the same time, I wonder sometimes if we are becoming more and more impatient all together. Who knows?

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