Internet Blogging

26 Aug

 Andrew Sullivan’s article, “Why I Blog,” gives a fantastic look at the world of blogging. There are a number of positive aspects to blogging, such as the immediacy with which an individual can post their opinion, and the interactions and exchanges of ideas that occur between bloggers. The article, however, seemed a bit too positive about blogging. There were negative aspects Sullivan didn’t touch on as much as he probably should have. People who read blogs can never be sure if the information they are getting is accurate, since anyone with an Internet connection can write a blog. This can lead to rampant dissemination of misinformation online. The advantages of traditional news outlets is that you know the information was extensively researched before being published.

Blogging is a great thing. I’m not trying to make it sound like it’s bad, but Sullivan could have devoted a little more time to the negative aspects of blogging to balance things out more. With that being said, blogging is one of the biggest revelations since the invention of the Internet. It helps people all across the world communicate instantaneously and provides an immense well of knowledge to draw from. You just need to be careful what blogs you’re getting your information from.


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