Traditional Media Meets Social Media

27 Aug

 Mallary Jean Tenore published an interesting article for that talks about how NPR is using new forms of media to bring back coverage of global health. The article really highlights some of the great uses of things like social media in the ever-changing world of news. Correspondents in other countries can communicate with media outlets in the United States, allowing us to get instant updates on things that used to take days or hours. This might also make people in the U.S. take a greater interest in international affairs, since they can get much more information than they used to.

It also sheds light on the numerous problems other countries have. People will be more interested in helping, since they will be able to feel a more immediate connection to the global community. It will force people to confront these problems, which used to be easy to ignore, due to a lack of coverage. It’s a prime example of how new types of media lead to greater and more targeted coverage of issues.


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